About Lynne

lyneewithkidsMy name is Lynne Ferguson. I live in cabin – off the grid and on the Port Madison Reservation – surrounded by the horses and the natural beauty of the northwest.  My life and passions are music and working with these horses to help children grow and thrive.

My great grandfather was Comanche, and my grandma taught me the methods he used when riding. I was taught that my horse should not require reins when he is finished and that he should be my trusted partner. So I had to subjects for informative speeches figure out how to do this. I picked a horse with an obviously quiet and friendly personality. I got him as a baby (he’s now almost 15!) so I could do my own training, and I let my stallion live in a herd situation with our geldings. When he became a breeding stallion he lived with his mares and learned to be a polite breeder. I noticed how they set boundaries with him and did the same. I built my cabin in the pasture so I could live with my horses and communicate with them better.


Because so many children come here (including my 6 grand kids!) the horses are all trained specifically to allow themselves to be touched on every square inch of their bodies, and to ground tie and work at liberty. We use movement and body language to communicate to the horses. Comanche‚Äôs have a strong Spanish influence, and I learned some vaquero methods that were very helpful. It’s essentially using the least amount of tack and cues to communicate…I enjoy seeing my stallion patiently teaching kids to ride- and because we use simple, effective exercises that make sense to the horse, my horse is able to do complicated maneuvers and just about anything I need, because the kids have been practicing going forward and giving to pressure. Since we start training at birth, very soon the pressure becomes almost invisible.

My horse knows I wouldn’t put him in a bad situation, and he took care of me and brought me home after I had heart failure. I spend lots of time with him, and he enjoys his job of helping kids learn about horses. I wanted the horses to get to live in a natural manner, and be trained to handle kids with physical and/or behavioral issues. They need to be polite and well-mannered.

lfatldvinI raised my 5 children playing music for a living and I’m so happy to be able to share my music with you.  While some is free, selling some helps cover the costs of the program so that kids that want to ride can even if they can’t contribute money.

It really makes me happy to do this.